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Caterina, MichaelMolecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Pain Sensation
Cole, Robert N.Mass spectrometry strategies to characterize proteins and their modifications in malnutrition, neurological diseases and cancer
Fukunaga, RyuyaMechanism and biology of small silencing RNAs
Goley, ErinBacterial cell biology: cytoskeletal function during growth and division
Gould, StephenExosome biogenesis and retrovirus budding
Margolis, SethMolecular Mechanisms of Synapse Formation in Development and Disease
Meffert, Mollie K.The Regulation of Neuronal Gene Expression in Health and Disease
O'Connor, TamaraMolecular dissection of host-pathogen interactions and the evolution of virulence strategies in natural reservoirs
Pedersen, PeterCell energetics, its molecular and chemical basis and relationship to both disease (Cancer/Heart) and to the discovery of new therapies.
Pomerantz, Joel L.Functional specificity and design of signal transduction pathways
Raben, DanielBiochemistry and chemistry of lipids and lipid metabolizing enzymes involved in signaling cascades
Reddy, KarenUnderstanding how the nuclear periphery and other subcompartments contribute to general nuclear architecture and to specific gene regulation
Sack, GeorgeHuman amyloid A protein structure and pathophysiology
Shortle, DavidProtein Folding; NMR characterization of unfolded proteins; protein structure prediction.
Wolfgang, MichaelNeurometabolic regulation of behavior and physiology in obesity, diabetes and neurological disease.
Zachara, NatashaThe role of nucleocytoplasmic glycosylation, O-GlcNAc, in cell survival and the celluar stress response.

Professor Emeriti
Craig, SusanCell adhesion and cytoskeleton
Englund, PaulBiochemistry and molecular biology of protozoan parasites.
Lane, M. Daniel
Mildvan, AlbertMechanisms of enzyme action; enzymes of DNA and ATP hydrolysis; isomerases; nuclear magnetic resonance and electron spin resonance.
Sollner-Webb, BarbaraEukaryotic nuclear events: 1- massive sequence changes by RNA editing, and 2- a novel localization process for critical DNA sequences


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