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The Synthesis and Sequencing Facility

The Synthesis and Sequencing Facility provides services to the entire Johns Hopkins research community in oligonucleotide synthesis and purification, peptide synthesis and purification, N-terminal sequence analysis and DNA sequencing.

Dr. Peter L. Pedersen is the Director of the lab and any helpful comments that you wish to convey that may help improve this facility are always welcome.

The following laboratory personnel are available to assist you with any of the services being offered. The laboratory telephone number is (410) 955-2739.

Our website is
  • Jodie Franklin, Research Associate
  • Chrisanthe Papapavlou, Manager
  • Danielle Hagan, Lab Technician
  • Alina Predescu, Lab Technician
  • Erin Wolfe, DNA Core Facility Technician

A list of services and prices provided by The Synthesis and Sequencing Facility are as follows:

DNA Sequencing: $6.00/reaction

Protein/Peptide Sequence Analysis:

$150.00 set-up and first 3 cycles
$15.00 each additional cycle

Peptide Synthesis and Purification:

Large Scale Synthesis:
$30.00 for each amino acid
$100.00 for preparative HPLC

Primer Synthesis Scales & Cost:

40.0 nMole $.50/base
0.2 mMole $1.00/base
1.0 mMole $5.00/base
10.0 mMole $24.00/base

HPLC Purification of primers: $20.00



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